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Andrew Cohn

| Counselor and Consultant|


Topic: Spirituality in Leadership

The best parts of ourselves are often described as connected to the spiritual dimension; for example, inspiration, service to others, forgiveness, and loving. Coaching provides an opportunity to support leaders at all levels to bring these higher dimensions to life. In this practical and provocative panel discussion, we will discuss the opportunity for leaders to tap into the deepest parts of themselves to effectively address the needs of others, which is critically important now. And we’ll talk about specific ways leaders can do this effectively, including techniques for centering and courageously tuning into and addressing the needs of others.

Andrew Cohn is the founder and principal of Lighthouse Consulting, LLC. For over 20 years he has worked globally as a counselor, facilitator, and executive coach for businesses and individuals. Andrew’s work improves his clients’ business results and culture and enhances individual performance and satisfaction.

Andrew has coached and trained on a variety of issues including empowering teams, culture change, interpersonal effectiveness, diversity & inclusion, gender equity (including men’s groups), strategic thinking, cross-cultural leadership, managing conflict, and work/life balance. He works with clients to overcome “right v. wrong” thinking in favor of what works. He designs and facilitates trainings, team meetings, and focus groups globally to optimize achievement, and engagement in alignment with organizational and individual values. 


Andrew also facilitates solutions to workplace disputes and crises. His open-minded and non-judgmental style fosters trust and positive focus, and he helps his clients move through troubled waters quickly and productively. In a very practical manner, Andrew brings clarity to complex problems. He helps focus leaders at all levels on what matters most-– both professionally and personally– and how to effectively act on it. 


Andrew’s clients have included Johnson & Johnson, Bloomberg, Kendal, Edward Jones, Resources for Human Development, University of Pennsylvania, Southern Coalition for Social Justice, Broad Street Ministries, Fulton Bank, Comcast, and Deloitte. In addition to serving his own clients, Andrew partners with top global leading leadership development consultancies. He has also taught leadership, ethics, mindfulness, and conflict resolution (including the application of Aikido principles) at the MBA and undergraduate levels. 


Andrew practiced law for seven years prior to founding his own consulting firm. He earned his Juris Doctorate at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, an MA in Applied/Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, and a Bachelors Degree in International Relations (with emphasis on international business and economics) from Boston University. He lives in the Philadelphia area.


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