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Beena Sharma

| Founding President |


Topic: Or with And Helps Us Address Poverty, Racism and Sexism.

Based on Barry Johnson’s new book: And, Making a Difference by Leveraging Polarity, Paradox or Dilemma, this session provides an understanding of an alternate root cause and perpetuator of poverty, racism, and sexism. When addressing these chronic issues, we often look for an “evil source.” We look for an individual or group to blame for their bias and the systems they have created. The assumption is that evil results must come from an evil source. A polarity perspective does not deny or minimize the cruelty and pain that comes with poverty, racism and sexism. We are saying that searching for an “evil source” is not helpful. It perpetuates the very things we are attempting to overcome.
From a polarity perspective, we can understand, without blaming or condining, how Or-thinking without And-thinking is a powerful root cause and perpetuator of poverty, racism and sexism. From that perspective we are asserting that: “And– thinking is not a solution to poverty, racism or sexism but it is a process requirement. Without supplementing Or-thinking with And-thinking, our most sincere efforts will be radically undermined, and no amount of money, commitment, or alignment will compensate. (Page 242 of And)

Beena Sharma brings 30+ years of international experience and expertise in developing mature leaders, growth oriented teams and learning organizations. Beena is a gifted consultant and coach, and has been recognized for her achievement in leading whole-system transformation programs. A project under her leadership was chosen as one of the six most innovative in executive education worldwide by the International University’s Consortium for Executive Education in 2007. This project was also the recipient of the 2008 Under-Secretary of Defense Silver Award for excellence in Learning and Development, an award recognizing exceptional learning efforts and achievement of significant results within the US government. Beena is a consummate integrator of diverse technologies in service of what is most needed in the client’s unique context.


Beena Sharma is the founding president of Vertical Development Academy (VeDA), with a vision to enhance the practice of leadership development using the lens of vertical development theory and measurement. VeDA certifies coaches globally in the art, science and practice of coaching for stage development. Beena is a global thought leader in the area of vertical development, and a certifying master coach in the practice of Leadership Maturity Coaching. She is credentialed as a certified assessor of the MAP (Maturity Profile), the most widely researched measure of adult development in the field. Beena is a mastery level graduate in Polarity Thinking, and brings her deep understanding of the dynamics of tensions and their resolution within leaders and large systems, especially with regard to facilitating human maturity. 



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