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Charles I. Story

| President |


Topic: Awakening our Support of Black Leaders

With the US still reeling from COVID19 global pandemic and ongoing protests that continue to highlight the country’s long-standing struggles with race, privilege, and prejudice, many people wrestle with feelings of anger, grief, fear, and hopelessness. As employees and leaders, those emotions are not simply left at the front door come Monday morning. In fact, those leaders carry their feelings with them and they can show up in the workplace, on the conference call line or in a company email and present challenges as those leaders seek to prioritize professional performance over personal despair. What can organizations do to support and stand in solidarity with their Black leaders and foster an environment that encourages dialogue and reflection? What have we learned in the past several months and what are we doing about it?


Charles is the president of ECS (Exceptional Coaching Solutions) Group, Inc.
ECS provides coaching solutions to businesses that want to develop and
retain a strong base of executive talent. In today’s highly competitive
environment, business values executives who can think strategically, execute
operationally, hold themselves accountable, work productively with a team,
and develop succession talent. ECS Group can provide that extra resource to
help business build a competitive people advantage.
Charles has over 35 years’ experience in the career development arena. He
served almost 13 years as president and CEO of INROADS, one of the largest
career and leadership develop organizations in the country. He has worked
with executives at all levels and understands the wide array of skills and
competencies required to excel short-term and long-term. In addition, he
cumulatively has over 32 years’ experience as a corporate director and
currently serves on the board of Briggs and Stratton and formerly served on
the board of ChoicePoint (1997-2008). This gives Charles a particularly
unique view that adds significant value to the work with his clients.
The Behavioral Coaching Institute has certified him as an executive coach.


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