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Daniela Felletti 

| Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Educator and Consultant |


Topic: Speaking the Truth to Power

Speaking truth to power. It is often not popular or comfortable; it means taking a risk, it means standing for something. It means believing deeply in what you say, why it needs to be said, and doing what is required, every day, to have that heard. It’s important to do with empathy and intentional purpose to drive the conversation to win -win, maintaining empathy, curiosity to build an empowering and strong relationship.
Ingrained in many cultures, “Speaking Truth to Power” may differ considerably in context and approach. By sharing inspirational stories on how they do this and the difference it makes, a panel of four fantastic women will offer their experience and learning, to showcase how – and why- they “Speak Truth to Power”.

Daniela Felletti 

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Educator and Consultant

Executive Career Advisor

Founder of Talents Connection.


Passionate about human behaviour and educating humans into a more inclusive world, Daniela is a multilingual professional specialised in Diversity and Inclusion Advisory for Executive Level. She has an international roster of senior executive leaders as worldwide clients, helping them thrive as inclusive leaders, creating a workplace culture of belonging.


Daniela is also the Founder and Regional Leader of Lean In Bordeaux Network (France) being affiliated to the global Lean In movement, therefore, supporting the same mission: fighting gender bias and helping women realise their ambitions.



This event was free as a service to our global community.

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