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Jacintha J

| Founder|


Topic: Unmasking the Reality of  Urban Lives

Privilege often pushes you to a blind spot that makes the obvious often stay hidden. But just looking around and spotting opportunities can spark change. This change can be driven leveraging communities and can surely uplift scenarios that are skewed for certain part of our society. This is a  session on understanding the lives of our community and migrant workers- what was done during the pandemic to help and what can be done in the future.

In a span of 25 years in professional life, I have been an integral part of and led teams in defining best in class talent management practices in organizations such HP, Infosys, OnMobile and in the past 10 years as an entrepreneur have co-founded 2 organizations.

Transcendix a Training and Development organization and LeadNOW an organization enabling women to start, stay and soar in their careers by providing research based solutions.

A seeker, a learner, a human in the pursuit of living a meaningful and authentic life, also an entrepreneur, author, teacher and
public speaker.

I have inspired over 40,000 participants in various learning and coaching engagements across organizations and domains and

Trustee and chief volunteer at HopeWorks foundation which is currently impacting 500 girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to live , learn and grow with Hope.

I have also served as the evangelist trainer , member/head ethics committee and compliance and coordinated all Posh related processes at Infosys Technologies, Infosys BPO, OnMobile Global Ltd. Eli Lilly, SFL, Enquero Global amongst others.

I also published the book Words matter aimed at women and girls.


This event was free as a service to our global community.

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