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Jilinda Lee

Change Champion I Leadership Mentor I Gender Equality Advocate I Author I Speaker


Topic: Speaking the Truth to Power

Speaking truth to power. It is often not popular or comfortable; it means taking a risk, it means standing for something. It means believing deeply in what you say, why it needs to be said, and doing what is required, every day, to have that heard. It’s important to do with empathy and intentional purpose to drive the conversation to win -win, maintaining empathy, curiosity to build an empowering and strong relationship.
Ingrained in many cultures, “Speaking Truth to Power” may differ considerably in context and approach. By sharing inspirational stories on how they do this and the difference it makes, a panel of four fantastic women will offer their experience and learning, to showcase how – and why- they “Speak Truth to Power”.

Jilinda Lee

Change Champion I Leadership Mentor I Gender Equality Advocate I Author I Speaker 

Founder and Chair – ElevateHER Australia

Director – Vital Leaders


Known for her vibrant, passionate personality, and on-point commentary, Jilinda is not afraid to challenge the status quo;  nor does she believe in keeping quiet or playing small to suit others. Instead, she deliberately channels her authentic leadership skills to influence and drive purposeful initiatives for greater-good outcomes. 


With over three decades of diverse leadership experiences in public, private and community sectors, Jilinda has built a reputation as a change champion,  leadership mentor, emotional intelligence expert, inspirational thought-leader, author, speaker, and outspoken advocate for gender equality and the need for more women in leadership positions. 


Rock Your Stripes, Jilinda’s first book was published in 2019. Written to ‘urge women to step up bravely, stand out boldly, speak up brilliantly, and courageously lead change’.


Jilinda is Director of Vital Leaders – leadership and diversity consultancy, Founder/Chair of ElevateHER Australia – a not-for-profit company, Founder/President of Lean In Queensland – state network and the recently established national network – Lean In Australia.  She is a Regional Leader for the Lean In global gender equality movement.



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