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Michael Fox

| CEO and Co-Founder |


Topic: Sustainability and Healthy Plant Based Eating

Michael grew up as a meat loving Australian. As a child he once penned a song (more like a demanding chant) entitled “Steak of Glory”. He became vegetarian in 2015 for health, environmental and ethical reasons, but he still craves that steak of glory.

Michael shops at his local Farmer’s Market on the Sunshine Coast in Australia on a Saturday morning, bakes sourdough, brews Water Kefir (and has gotten accidentally drunk when a batch went awry) and generally likes to cook healthy food for his family which includes a 3 and 1 year old (he promises he’s not got them accidentally drunk). He wanted to combine his cravings for meat with his healthy home cooking habits to create a whole food based plant based meat. The result is Fable.


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