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Namrata Dhasmana

| Executive Coach |


Topic: Breaking the Limitations of Gender Inequalities

Reaching beyond limitations around us. Transforming the role of HR in addressing gender inequalities.

Namrata Dhasmana is a Passionate Person.

A veteran with more than a decade given to nation- building at various leadership roles . Namrata retired from Army after 15 years of glorious service as an officer. Namrata hold these years closest to her heart.


In her cilvil stints she has worked with various organisations and industry. She is a Strategist from Indian Institute of Management-Lucknow and MBA HR from NMIMS. She is also a Certified Master Trainer.

Namrata leads her team and her life with Passion, Compassion and Empathy. 

Namrata is an authentic and a Real Leader who brings people together and drive them towards their goals. Her philosophy of life is to be Self Aware both spiritually and emotionally and then only one can be an Influential Leader. 

Gender Inequality and Exclusion is one of the topic which she is passionate about as she feels there is a need to have conscious efforts to create opportunities at all levels including senior level for woman as well to have them successful life.

Namrata is an advocate of Transformational HR as any Leader of  Human Resource need to rise from just dealing with transactional tasks and be diversified in her space and knowledge to create a culture of Happiness and Inclusion. Knowledge is the key to her confidence, one has know all functions of the organisation and the sweet spot between People, Business and Technology is to be assessed to maintain continuity and sustainable growth in any organisation.


Namrata is qualified coach from Gallup which is accredited from ICF and a Passionate Design Thinking Practitioner. As a Coach she builds dysfunctional teams and customise her process as per requirement of client. She keeps her first session of coaching as a Listening Session with very few questions and then helps her clients In navigating their lives. 

 Namrata likes reading about spirituality in her free time and is passionate about driving and her best time of her day is when she enjoys her morning coffee.



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