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Oscar David Veneszee Jr.

| Operations Program Manager |


Topic: Awakening the Leader Within: From Crisis to Golden Leadership

Times of crisis and challenge often bring out our best or worst qualities, sometimes putting us in a constant state of “fight or flight.” If we consciously choose to connect with our humanity and purpose, we can maximize our leadership potential by treating others as we wish to be treated. This style of “Golden Leadership” then creates a ripple effect that brings about great opportunity for ourselves, our teams and our communities. Join our panel for a lively discussion on the value of leading by The Golden Rule to create more opportunity during tough times!

Oscar David Veneszee Jr. serves as Strategic Diversity Partnership Manager at Facebook. He is responsible for building and maintaining global workforce development programs that focuses on hiring highly qualified military Veterans and creating innovative pipelines for diverse candidates. In 2020, Veneszee founded PROTECT ME.TM., a non profit that provides resources and assistance to those who are among vulnerable populations that often find themselves displaced, neglected, abused or forgotten. During the 2020 election year, Oscar was a front running candidate in the District 5, County Commissioner, Gadsden County, Florida, primary election. Prior to Facebook and PROTECT ME.TM, Oscar served at the Federal Communications Commission as Communications Operations Specialist assigned to the Public Safety & Homeland Security Bureau. In addition, Oscar served in the U.S. Navy (1992-2016), retiring as Chief of the Boat on USS JOHN WARNER (SSN 785). While on the WARNER, and according to the Navy’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Oscar was one of only seven black Chiefs of the Boat in the history of the Navy.


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