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Preethi Guruswamy 

| Engineering Leader |


Topic: Speaking the Truth to Power

Speaking truth to power. It is often not popular or comfortable; it means taking a risk, it means standing for something. It means believing deeply in what you say, why it needs to be said, and doing what is required, every day, to have that heard. It’s important to do with empathy and intentional purpose to drive the conversation to win -win, maintaining empathy, curiosity to build an empowering and strong relationship.
Ingrained in many cultures, “Speaking Truth to Power” may differ considerably in context and approach. By sharing inspirational stories on how they do this and the difference it makes, a panel of four fantastic women will offer their experience and learning, to showcase how – and why- they “Speak Truth to Power”.

Preethi Guruswamy 

Engineering Leader at Intuit

With over 21 years experience in the software industry, Preethi is an Engineering Leader. She is passionate about customer benefits, great design, and business results. With experience at companies like Informatica, Oracle, and CGI to her name,  Preethi is currently at Intuit, where she leads new software development and grows established products.  Preethi has a depth of technical expertise in  Enterprise, cloud solutions, Real-Time Streaming, database design, and Big Data products. 

Preethi also enjoys coaching, mentoring and growing ambitious female leaders . She has built various tech communities like Hexagon UX and Lean In communities. She is the Founder and Regional Leader for award winning network, ‘Lean in Women in Tech, India’. With over 2,000 women members, it is one of the fastest-growing of its kind in India. She led the group’s success and received the 2018 Lean In “People First” award.  She is also an advisor for the NGO which works for the education system in Bangalore.  Preethi has a passion for global travelling around the world, and photography.


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