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Ashok Malhotra

| Managing Director | Author |


Topic: The Individual vs The Context

A large part of our beliefs, values  and choices, are determined by  our unique personal context, as  also by the imperatives of the times that we live in.  Thus, there is a constant interplay between our personal  predispositions and  the larger contextual forces.
This session will explore this interplay through a bi-focal lens- EUM (Existential Universe Mapper), which looks at both the individual and the context.
The main emphasis will be on exploring the impact of living in an interconnected global village on individual well-being and development.

Ashok is the Managing Director of Reflexive Lenses Consulting Private ltd.,based out of Bangalore. He works with individuals, groups and organizations in areas such as personal growth, leadership development, team building, diversity and inclusion, gender relations, organization culture and development.

Understanding the salient features of the Indian identity is of special interest to him.
He has authored a framework and suite of tools called EUM (Existential Universe Mapper) for mapping individual identity and organization culture, which has been deployed in more than
100 organizations covering more than 5000 people. The findings from this data are available in his latest book Indian Managers and Organizations: Boons and Burdens (a Routledge publication) His other publications include Child Man- the Selfless narcissist.
Ashok is one of the founders of Sumedhas- Academy for human context.


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