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Betty Sue

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Topic: The Role of Stories in Creating the Future

One of the most powerful tools a coach can develop is the ability to listen to the implicit story someone is telling about who they are and what is possible for the future.
The future is always and only a fiction. But the fiction we hold about the future shapes the present.
This session is designed to explore how can we help people analyze the stories they’re telling and to shape better ones.

Betty Sue Flowers, PhD, is a Professor Emerita (UT-Austin) and the former Director of the Johnson Presidential Library.

She is an international business consultant, with publications ranging from poetry therapy to human rights, including two books of poetry and four PBS tie-in books. Flowers was the series consultant for “Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth” and has served as a moderator for executive seminars at the Aspen Institute, consultant for NASA, CIA, and the Secretary of the Navy, Public Director of the American Institute of Architects, and editor of scenarios for organizations including Shell International, the OAS, the World Energy Council, OECD, Malaysia, Eskom (South Africa), Oman, the Five Eyes, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (Geneva). Publications include the complete edition of Christina Rossetti’s poetry, Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future (co-authored), The American Dream and the Economic Myth,” “The Primacy of People in a World of Nations” in The Partnership Principle: New Forms of Governance in the 21st Century, and the co-edited Realistic Hope: Facing Global Challenges.


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