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Colleen Lightbody

| Owner of Brainwise | Coach |


Topic: A Tale of Two Bridges and Two Brains

Tony and Colleen present an interactive dialogue (with an opportunity for questions and answers) on how to use the philosophy of Awake, Aware and Arise, to coach yourself and your clients, to face challenges, create transformation and achieve significant results. This conversation will be embedded in neuroscience, philosophy, psychology and coaching competencies.
Develop a deep understanding your own and your client’s brains and minds as we: Awake to the possibilities with in us; Become Aware of what and how we may actualise those possibilities; and Arise to create new habits and mindsets that ensure sustainable change.

Dr Colleen Lightbody is the owner of Brainwise: Mastery Through Neuroscience. She is a respected Coach, Trainer, and International Speaker.

Her global experience includes clients in the Asia-Pacific Region, the United States, Europe as well as throughout Africa. Her specific area of expertise lies in Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Brain-based Learning,
Personal and Professional Coaching, and Emotional Intelligence. She is becoming known as “The Brain Guru” through her writing for blogs and magazines, as well as in television and radio interviews.
In addition to a private, global coaching practice, Colleen also has over 12 000 hours of training and coaching experience working with personal, professional and corporate clients.

Colleen has a master’s degree in leadership through the University of
Johannesburg; a Postgraduate Diploma in Neuroleadership through Middlesex University; and a PhD in Mindfulness and Leadership. Her positive and energetic style reflects the passion she has for her career and people, as well as a life living her core purpose of being a catalyst for change.


This event was free as a service to our global community.

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