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Debo Harris

Confidence Evangelist | Non-Exec Director | Corporate Leadership Consultant |CEO and Founder|


Topic: Speaking the Truth to Power

Speaking truth to power. It is often not popular or comfortable; it means taking a risk, it means standing for something. It means believing deeply in what you say, why it needs to be said, and doing what is required, every day, to have that heard. It’s important to do with empathy and intentional purpose to drive the conversation to win -win, maintaining empathy, curiosity to build an empowering and strong relationship.
Ingrained in many cultures, “Speaking Truth to Power” may differ considerably in context and approach. By sharing inspirational stories on how they do this and the difference it makes, a panel of four fantastic women will offer their experience and learning, to showcase how – and why- they “Speak Truth to Power”.


Debo Harris FCA

Confidence Evangelist | Non-Exec Director | Corporate Leadership Consultant

CEO and Founder, theConfidenceVault.

Debo’s first career in investment banking started her interest in executive risk management and transformational leadership consultancy. Debo is an accountant and Vice President of London Society of Chartered Accountants (LSCA), the youngest and first black female non executive director appointed to boards in publishing, finance, health, education, and housing. 

Debo is passionate about helping women reach next level greatness – in career or business. Her board level experience led her to create the online executive mentoring service,, a membership based platform for professional women committed to building personal confidence and executive leadership. Members receive sponsor-mentorship from senior leaders in industry. Most recently, theconfidenceVault expanded its coaching to include impactful anti-racism allyship following the killing of Goerge Floyd and the AmyCooper incident of 25 May 2020.

Debo founded and is Regional Leader of Lean In UK, growing it from 2016 to be the largest Lean In network in Europe. The network of over 3,500 women, meet in small groups in over 80 locations nationwide.



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