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Jia (Carol) Xu

| Founder | Coach |


Topic: Strength In Uncertainty- Panel Discussion

We find ourselves in an epic in-between. An unpredictable moment in history between the fall of old systems and the birth of the new.
So what might it mean to be strong during this time? What practices of awareness might we cultivate in order to be together in uncertainty? How might our strength enable healing and evolution?
Join us for a riveting discussion as we unpack the definitions, assumptions and solutions our panelists have uncovered.

Grounded in practice, yet not bound by reality defined by the status quo.
Carol has worn a few hats: startup co-founder, academic researcher, podcast host, and organizational development consultant and coach.

Her purpose has always remained the same: To help unleash human potential through a deeper understanding of people, work, and technology. After getting her PhD from Stanford University, she found the tremendous innovation happening in alternative, decentralized ways of organizing an irresistible subject. She is actively involved in global movements and communities where thought leaders create alternative, decentralized ways of organizing talent and resources, where company executives experiment with new organizational structures and cultural DNAs, and where pioneering individuals explore radically different mindsets and approaches in creating fulfilling work experience for themselves and others. Carol is passionate in working with aspiring leaders and teams, creating unique game plans that suit individual needs, and helping them to craft compelling impact stories for diverse stakeholders with strong logic and data-driven evidence.


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