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Kathryn Snyder

| Founder | CEO | Executive Coach |


Topic: Strength In Uncertainty- Panel Discussion

We find ourselves in an epic in-between. An unpredictable moment in history between the fall of old systems and the birth of the new.
So what might it mean to be strong during this time? What practices of awareness might we cultivate in order to be together in uncertainty? How might our strength enable healing and evolution?
Join us for a riveting discussion as we unpack the definitions, assumptions and solutions our panelists have uncovered.

Known as the “people person” in organizations she serves, Kathryn’s goal working with businesses is to help them cultivate an environment where great people can do the best work of their lives.

Her passion and calling is to empower people through coaching to improve their thinking. When she is serving as a coach, Kathryn’s intent is to encourage and foster transformation by helping her clients create space, tune in to their truth, see the whole picture, and strive for progress over perfection.


This event was free as a service to our global community.

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