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Kelly Wendorf

| Coach | Educator | Writer|


Topic: Building Better Humans – Calling forth the evolution of humanity through transformative coaching for a planet in need.

Coaching, at its best, is a sacred act that calls forth the best a human can be. While the old oppressive paradigms and institutions fall apart around the world, a new balance and reality is emerging, calling for a new human potential to carry the mantle.
If our coaching sits at the powerful nexus of practical and spiritual, then transformation is possible. What tools does that nexus require? What innovative spiritual and social technologies are available to us as coaches to create a new enlightened, awake and aware world?
Kelly’s work weaves contemplative wisdom, neuroscience, indigenous knowledge and nature-based intelligence into a ground breaking format for transformative change.

Kelly Wendorf is an ICF Master Certified Coach, published author, spiritual mentor, and socially responsible entrepreneur. She is the Founding Partner of EQUUS, a leadership development organization that creates breakthrough learning experiential opportunities for human transformation.

Throughout her life she has lived and worked around the world, studying with many spiritual and Indigenous leaders in India, Africa, Indonesia and Australia. Such immersion in multi-cultural perspectives has honed a passion for creating a new narrative in the human condition, empowering high-performing individuals, organizations, and their leaders to wield meaningful change in their families, organizations and communities.,


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