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Olya Novikova

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Topic: Navigating Crossroads

Have you been at crossroads?
When multiple pathways appear before us and all look equally good
yet we have to make a choice as we can take only one path forward,
you are right, its not a good place to be. But a place we all encounter
at different points in a lifetime at least once.
What makes us choose one over the other?
Having chosen a path what does it take to take ownership to arise
and act?
Listen to an entrepreneur, a millennial business service designer, en
expert in transitions on how they made their life choices and lessons
learnt. Lets navigate the various turns and crossroads gracefully!

Olya Novikova, certified Ayurvedic practicioner and educator, Life and Wellness Coach.
Born and raised in Moscow (Russia), Olya is an ex professional tennis player with a vast cross cultural and cross functional experience. At age 20 she moved to USA to pursue her studies and continue professional tennis career.

Life brought her to joining one of the world’s top companies,
Walt Disney, where she served for the following 20 years as a manager and director in USA and Italy. While successfully integrating into new cultures and building a successful career, she has continued her search for a deeper understanding of the meaning of life and the universe. Following
her passion for inner spiritual development she has left the corporate world, delving into the world of holistic healing, and acquired a number of the ancient and modern Russian techniques that she is now using in her healings and coaching. For the last 8 years, she has been studying and practicing Ayurveda embracing this ancient science as her life philosophy and helping others on their way to health and wellbeing. Olya currently lives in Milan and offers her services in Russian, Italian and
English. She is married and has a 4 year old daughter.


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