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Roop Sen



Topic: The Individual vs The Context

A large part of our beliefs, values  and choices, are determined by  our unique personal context, as  also by the imperatives of the times that we live in.  Thus, there is a constant interplay between our personal  predispositions and  the larger contextual forces.
This session will explore this interplay through a bi-focal lens- EUM (Existential Universe Mapper), which looks at both the individual and the context.
The main emphasis will be on exploring the impact of living in an interconnected global village on individual well-being and development.

Roop is an facilitator, coach and organisational consultant. He is a process worker by training and a EUM practitioner. He is a Managing Partner of Change Mantras, a firm that specializes in Leadership and Organisational Development. He studied in the Calcutta University with Economics as a major.
Roop started his career in 1999 in the development sector where he worked with multi- stakeholder systems on human migration, youth development and social defence against violence of vulnerable communities. He worked as the Regional Director for India,
Bangladesh and Nepal, for an international development agency – Groupe Developpement, specialising on social policy and law and bilateral instruments. He interned on Process Work in Sumedhas – Academy for Human Context from 2006 to 2011, and became a Fellow of the institution and has been a facilitator of 25 labs for the last 10 years, for youth and adults.
In 2012, he founded Change Mantras which in the last 8 years has worked with organisations from the social and corporate sector, in India, U.K. and Japan. In the same year, he also founded a non profit organisation Sanjog that works on social policy, systems
and community empowerment to address organised crime and violence against children and youth.
Roop is the co-author of Power, Sexuality and Gender Dynamics at Work, a book to be published by Sage Publications, that explores how gender and sexual diversity in organisations manifest in phenomena that need nuanced policy making and implementation in corporate and non corporate organisations.


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