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Tiffany Liu

| Writer | Peace Entrepreneur |


Topic: Awakening the Leader Within: From Crisis to Golden Leadership

Times of crisis and challenge often bring out our best or worst qualities, sometimes putting us in a constant state of “fight or flight.” If we consciously choose to connect with our humanity and purpose, we can maximize our leadership potential by treating others as we wish to be treated. This style of “Golden Leadership” then creates a ripple effect that brings about great opportunity for ourselves, our teams and our communities. Join our panel for a lively discussion on the value of leading by The Golden Rule to create more opportunity during tough times!

Tiffany is a peace entrepreneur, corporate advisor, writer, speaker, and humanitarian. As an exited EdTech startup founder with Fortune 50 corporate executive pedigree, Tiffany has created, built, led, ran, scaled, and managed both startups and multi-million dollar business units.  Using her broad and unique set of leadership experiences in business design, innovation, product, go-to-market, and transformation, Tiffany unleashes the possibilities she sees in people, processes, and businesses. Her latest venture focuses on unlocking these ideals.  Soul Seated is an early-stage wellness non-profit tech startup with the mission to help everyone live life in health, peace, and inflow, at free-of-cost. She believes that superior knowledge, tools, and resources should be accessible to all, as together we are One.  As a Bodhisattva practitioner, Tiffany is also an active volunteer and executive advisor to Tzu Chi Compassionate Relief, the world’s largest UN Buddhist humanitarian foundation. In her spare time, she loves to be in nature and stillness where we can read, write, and dream.


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