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Tracy Brown

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Topic: To Be Confirmed.

I struggle with creating my bio, because I aspire to separate my sense of self from attachment to titles, career highlights and educational background, and yet the typical goal of a bio is to highlight achievements rather than to tell the story of who I am”

As a young single mother without the educational background of her colleagues, Tracy fought hard to climb the career ladder – often prioritizing work demands ahead of family life or self-care. Over the years she undertook several career pivots, and ultimately cofounded a business in a foreign country. Each trajectory was challenging, successful, and initially fulfilling, but she kept feeling like she wanted something more.

The something more was life balance, true connection and purpose.  The path to find this began with regular meditation and yoga, and with a new sense of clarity Tracy reflected on something she had been passionate about from a former career. For over a decade she had represented a roster of creative professionals and coaching them to develop their careers was her favourite part of that role. Deciding to pursue formal coach training, Tracy joined a 125 hour ACTP program with Coacharya led by Ram Ramanathan, and from the first class knew she had discovered her calling.

Now an ICF and EMCC credentialled coach, and an Associate Trainer with Coacharya, Tracy lives in Vancouver BC where she continues to deepen her “being” while spending time with her family and enjoying life.  Read more about her journey a


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