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A virtual conference to challenge your thinking as to what leadership and coaching could be and the impact it can make on our world.


The human body functions as a whole because it has many parts that work to support the other. Similarly, our world is a system built with many parts that constantly influence the other. The better we are at understanding these parts, the easier it will be for us to pave a finer future for the community.
The oldest scriptural text known, Isa Vasya Upanishad said: One who sees oneself in others and others in self is the ultimate energy being. This concept practiced as Ubuntu (‘I am because of who we all are’), Collective Consciousness (set of shared beliefs, ideas, attitudes and knowledge) and in other ways is the only way that humanity will sustain and grow together.


As a community, is it our duty to enable those around us to be their best selves? If you believe this, then you are in the right place.

Awake Aware Arise is a virtual conference lead by Coacharya for leaders, coaches and those who want to make a change – to truly Awake to the suffering in the world around them, become Aware of their responsibilities, and Arise together to act and be counted.

This virtual conference is from 21st September 2020 till 22nd October 2020, Monday to Thursday, with 3 sessions a day, to cater to international time-zones.  A detailed schedule, with the various speakers and topics covered, can be found here.


The event is part of our larger effort towards building a framework for change through the Systemic Leadership Alliance.

We invite you to join us as we open our minds to understanding the various approaches and facets to life. This event is for coaches and leaders, yes, but above that it is for our community as a whole, and for the leader that lives within everyone.



Attendees will be able to claim Continuing Professional Development (EMCC) and Continuing Coach Education Units (ICF) for attending this event. Coaches who are renewing their ICF credentials will be able to earn enough CCEUs to fulfill the total CC and RD requirements.

If you’d like to claim CCE units (ICF) or CPD credits (EMCC), you can purchase them at a discount of up to 35% off when you register.


This event is free as a service to our global community.

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